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Written by: desihunk17 on 2008-02-10

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desihunk17's review: Callout Comment Hey guys... I applied for this car last July 2007 and got approved for $5000 and now it's been six months. I was wondering has anyone had a credit limit increase from this Hooters card... If you have please let me know how much. My scores are around 720 with all three bureaus...


Comment 1 by casey
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Well, I've had my card about the same length of time of have, I which I had that nice high limit like you... Anyway, I have not received anything yet. Merrick, IMO, is hard to figure out. I have a Visa with them too... Used to get increases every 6 months, then they just stopped. Whatever... They are not my favorite cards anyway... Ridiculous interest rates, ugly card designs, rude customer service... Usually my last choice card.
Comment 2 by porgy1000
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks From what I know about Merrick bank, the first credit line increase is 8 to 9 months after the card is issued. Then they give a 20% increase every 6 to 8 months after that.

I have my Hooters card since 12/07. Initial credit line is $9500 with a 9.9% rate. They go by your FICO scores to figure your initial credit line, interest rate and annual fee if any.

They don't just give a credit line increase though, only if your other cards are current and you have never been late on your Hooters or any other card. There are conditions for the credit line increase. Who knows why they may or may not give it though. They are really no differient then any other bank LOL
Comment 3 by arod
Hooters Card User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks I recently was approved for this card and my CL is $1750 and wow you got $5000 I think it great. They do take along time to increase your credit because I HAD MERRICK BANK IN THE PAST but hang in there I'm sure you will get one soon. I think you have a great credit line.

Take care,

Comment 4 by meya
Your Answer User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Well I am here to save the daaaaaay! Yes I just received a cli from them aobut 2 or 3 days ago for $200. I thought I was at my 4-5 month mark with them but this is acutally my 6th month. I did not know that I had a cli with them until I pulled my credit report and saw a difference. Go to the the "The Netowrk" and click the most recent link "Put your credit limit increases here" and you can read some valuable information about this card that Porgy1000 added.
Comment 5 by porgy1000
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-11

Remarks Meya the should have gave you a $2000 CLI just because your NICE hehehehehe
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Porgy User Icon on 2008-02-11

Remarks Maybe you should break off some of your CL's and transfer them to some Meya's cards and show her how much of a good friend you are.
Comment 7 by john1979
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-11

Remarks I applied and was approved for this card in July 07 with a 3250 CL. FIco at the time was 640-650. Anyway I have not received a CLI either. I will post if I ever do get one though!
Comment 8 by hjm331
RE: John User Icon on 2008-02-11

Remarks John, have you tried calling them and asking for a CLI?
Comment 9 by john1979
RE: User Icon on 2008-02-11

Remarks I thought with merrick bank you were not able to request a CLI? Any info will help... Also I am looking for the back door number to Cap 1? Thanks!
Comment 10 by meya
Re: Porgy1000 & Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks Porgy I wish that they would have sent me a 2k limit, I would be happy as I don't know what.

Hummm hjm331, that does seems like a good Idea. Ok Porgy, transfer over some of your cl's and then I will know that you are a truuuuue friend... Lol.
Comment 11 by porgy1000
CLI User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks Meya you know what I always say about banks LOL, if you do NOT need money they want to give it to you. If you in fact need money, good luck getting some. I just think the system is all F**ked up, no offense hehehehhe
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