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Written by: louise on 2008-02-03

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louise's review: Callout Comment Thank you for everyone who has recommended this card! I was approved this morning although I don't know what my credit limit is. I'm trying to rebuild my credit from BK (Discharged June 2006). My Fico score at the time was 650. I would like any input from those who bottomed out as I did. I'm trying to improve my credit so I can purchase a home in 2 years.


Comment 1 by arod
Congrats. User Icon on 2008-02-03

Remarks Well pay on time and you should have any problems

this card is good for repair.

the only thing about this card will be your APR will be high due to what you said about you credit.

Good luck to you.

Comment 2 by meya
Welcome To The Hooters Family User Icon on 2008-02-03

Remarks You are very welcome (from all of us), check with them around 4 or 5 days from now and they will tell you about your cl. Also, listen to the Finance Network to find out how often they approve cli's. So far everyone here is new with this card and we have not hit our 6 month mark yet, pretty soon the board is going to flood with "who got cli's" from this card.
Comment 3 by porgy1000
Merrick Bank User Icon on 2008-02-03

Remarks Merrick bank/Hooters card LOVES to give cards to people with a bankruptcy. They run the entire credit card portfolio this way. They consider you clean now and give you a second chance.

DO NOT expect Citibank, Chase and the other big banks to do that. They have a policy to NOT grant cards to people with a discharged BK on their credit reports
Comment 4 by louise
Hooters User Icon on 2008-02-04

Remarks Thanks to everyone for their generous input... I feel so great about my situation... Im so glad I wondered upon this website... It's like I'm on a mission... I understand the credit game... With you guys and my attorney... My duplex apartment is within reach... I never thought I would bottom out the way I did but everyone has to go through something... Thanks again guys! fyi, for those who are interested there's a great book written by stephen sydner called "credit after bk"
Comment 5 by lindalu
I Was Approved With A Bk Too!! User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks My bk was 5/07... I applied for the hooters card on 4/13 and got instant approval but did not give a cl... Said upon verification of the information I provided... It is all true so I am not worried... I would like to read that book... I too have had to start to rebuild... I lost multiple cards with like $20k limits and a few others with $10k... I had exceptionally good credit until it all went to my head and my husband lost his job and I couldn't pay one of them yet alone my large mortage payment... So keep me posted..!
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