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Written by: sandyekay1 on 2007-12-29

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sandyekay1's review: Callout Comment I sure was given the runaround... Told I was approved-then the next representative said I was declined. Then the next rep. Said I needed to fax in Drivers license which-I did. Then I called and 2 weeks later they never received anyhting. Then I was told "I did it all wrong... I had to reapply and I should mail in the Drivers license copy"... Then I called and asked for a manager-was hung up on twice after I said hello... Very Dissapointed


Comment 1 by porgy1000
I Think There Is An Error User Icon on 2007-12-29

Remarks I opened a Credit one card approx 8 months ago for the purpose of face to face transactions when I make small purchases at stores, restaurants etc.

This site lists the minimum credit score needed as 490, When I was looking for a low credit line card ($1000) I called credit one bank and I asked them what their criteria was. I was told in May 2007 that they want a FICO score of 620 now, so the info on this site may be out of date. They issued me the card but at a charge of $5.75 a month. To me its worth if after being a victim of fraud in the past.
Comment 2 by sandyekay1
Thank You User Icon on 2007-12-29

Remarks Thanks for the comment...
Comment 3 by finance globe
FICO Score User Icon on 2007-12-30

Remarks Thanks for the info stated about the FICO Score needed from the reps. I will get this card re-evaluated.

One thing to consider: With a score of 620, you will have more and better options than this card!
Comment 4 by meya
So Sorry User Icon on 2007-12-30

Remarks I had no problems with them as of yet, hopefully you will get a better rep on the phone if you try agian.

Fico scores that you see on FG is not 100% accurate, it is a close estimate of what you should expect to have before applying. Scores are not the only factor that creditors are looking for when we apply for cards. I know a few people with scores in the 700's but can't get approved for a lot of other cards. When using the FG score matcher or estimates, I take it into consideration but I have to keep foucs off what my total report says about me. If I have high utilization, too many inquiries, and too many new accounts I don't even think about applying for another credit card regardless to what the score matcher says becasue I am going to get denied because of other issues that are going on in my credit files.

Another factor is to pay attention to the Apr (14-19% or more) because if it goes up, then they are willing to give chances to some of us with minor dings in our report. When I applied for Travelocity Master Card, I was no where near the score matcher, but was approved due to other factors.

Just thought I would throw a little bug in...:)
Comment 5 by arod
This Card Isn't Worth It... User Icon on 2007-12-30

Remarks Fico around 620 then try to fix your credit by applying

Capital One





these banks will help you repair your credit damage in time..
Comment 6 by mustangguy
Platuim Visa User Icon on 2007-12-30

Remarks I applied for this card and got shot down with a 543 score but it says 490 needed??
Comment 7 by meya
I Agree Arod User Icon on 2007-12-30

Remarks The two cards Orchard and Capital One are great cards to apply for. If you was shot down at scores in the 500's try again when you get close to 600. I was approved with both cards in the 500's along with about 25 baddies (believe it or not).

Credit One is just slow about limit increases. They offered me $300 (initial credit) and I had to wait 6 months just to receive $150 more dollars. Orchard is the same way, just DO NOT call in for a limit increase because they will dedcut $25 for the $100 they are going to offer you. And when you begin to get the $200 cli's, they are going to deduct $50 from it when you ask for one. It is best to let them increase your limit on their own.
Comment 8 by eric
Try Something Else User Icon on 2008-01-01

Remarks I had this card for about 6 yrs... Got 3 CLI's on it... Topped out at $960!!! Yea 6 yrs and only $960 line of credit! Yea I balanced transferred it to my B of A acct. My first credit increase was $150 which I requested and it cost me! The other 2 I got from them. I don't recommend this card because of the monthly service fee. I suggest going to HSBC or Capital One or even getting a secured B of A Visa $99 for $500.
Comment 9 by sandyekay1
Thanks To All User Icon on 2008-01-01

Remarks I really appreciate everyone's input... It's been very helpful and informative!!!... Originally I didn't want this card due to all the fees... I have just received an Orchard for $300. And the Crown Jewelers card also. I have 4 store cards and needed some other type cards to raise my credit scores.
Comment 10 by adicus
Credit One - Eric User Icon on 2008-01-01

Remarks I once had CreditOne aka First National Bank of Marin back in the day. I kept them for 8 months. They help me improve my scores and I applied for other "less fees" cards and closed it out and so on and so forth. You have to look at these credit cards like stepping stones, not a pathways.

If the card no longer serves a purpose in your credit growth, close it especially if they have a re-accuring monthly fee... I know, many are against this idea, but the truth is... What it is. Eric these cards are viewed as "red flag" cards after having them for 6 years they could end up hindering more than helping.
Comment 11 by meya
True User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks The only reason why I would say reject the Credit One card is because of their credit limit increases. By the time you get to 1k you would have 10-15k from other creditors.

I disagree with closing the account because of the fees becasue the fees that you are paying is $5.95 per month, which averages to $70 per year. This is exactly what some people are already paying (probably more) on better credit cards.
Comment 12 by adicus
Meya User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks You are correct, but why pay a nagging $5-7 monthly. Its good to have cards without activity for small periods of time; with this card it constantly shows activity. This card is good for starters, but not for long term. That's just my opinion.
Comment 13 by meya
I Hear Ya User Icon on 2008-01-03

Remarks That is very annoying, especially if you decide to put the card into standby, you will have a bill regardless. One more thing is that their online billing system is outdated, why should I have to pay $5.95 to pay my bill online? I have 14 credit cards and 13 of them does not charge me a fee for paying online. I was mad the first time I found out that they were charging online because when I paid my monthly fee online, the same amount kept popping back up. I paid it again and the same thing happend, so I decided to call the bank to find out what was going on and that is when I found out there was a $5.95 fee for paying online. What the!... Now I just mail it in. Mailing bills is so outdated. :(
Comment 14 by porgy1000
Mailing Payment User Icon on 2008-01-03

Remarks I don't think I have mailed anyone a check in a year, I still have my book of stamps since the price went to.41 If your not going to use the card that charges a monthly fee, why not send them a few months of fees in advance so you don't have to worry about mailing off the $5.75 each month.

Yeah ok, I didn't mail out any Christmas cards this year either, I am getting cheap in my old age lol, actually just too busy
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