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Written by: missmam on 2007-11-24

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missmam's review: Callout Comment Applied in store and instantly approved. I'm not sure which CRA they pulled, but only a $200 limit. I see that is pretty standard for this card. Does anyone know if you can call in for a CLI?


Comment 1 by tknoxjr
BE PATIENT User Icon on 2007-11-24

Remarks Yes target is known for 200 cl, I would wait 3 months before I ask for a increase, they funny thing with mine is that I did call after 3 months and gave me another 200 increase, however their computer screwed up and issued me another card with a differernt account # so have 2 targets with 200 limit, but again be patient, heard that about a 2 year payment history with them that they will automatically issue you a target Visa card with a high limit... Good luck
Comment 2 by hrondaniel
Target User Icon on 2007-11-24

Remarks I also got this card about a year ago, and have already been upgrded to the VISA! If you use this card and pay on time, the will upgrade you to their Visa sonner or later. I had a 200 cl on the plain card, and they sent me my red Visa with 1000 cl.
Comment 3 by meya
Same Thing Here User Icon on 2007-11-24

Remarks Oh yes, welcome to the $200 target club. Target is no longer offering cli's over the phone. The recording will say that "We periodically check credit accounts for limit increases" so I would say, "Roll with what you have and keep us posted on your cli's from them." Congrats on your approval.
Comment 4 by chrispa
CLI User Icon on 2007-12-04

Remarks Just be patient, 3 months you should get a CLI. They gave me a increase of 300 in just 3 months.
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