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Written by: bizz on 2007-10-22

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bizz's review: Callout Comment Wow, Finally a company that doesn't only look at credit score. I only have 592, but nothing bad since 2001 and no BK's. I got a preapproval in the mail and tried and hoped for the best. $1500 credit line. I also got $300 with Capital One and of course I started with some pay high fee ones like First Premier, Continental and Orchard, butr all of those have really helped me. Maybe soon those 2001 things will be gone and I can have my life back.


Comment 1 by bizz
I Got My Card Today User Icon on 2007-11-01

Remarks And yes a 1500 limit and its a WAMU Visa :) I am so happy someone out there is giving me a chance. I also got a score watch report from equifax and went up to 613 on equifax OH OH OH soon I will be at 700. The reason I went up? I disputed one of my invalids :)
Comment 2 by missmam
Denied User Icon on 2007-11-27

Remarks I have a 680 and was denied. Got the 7-10 day letter. Oh well.
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