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Written by: tknoxjr on 2007-10-18

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tknoxjr's review: Instant approval, cl 400 score at time 567


Comment 1 by dee
I Wish on 2007-10-18

You received Macy's with a 567. I know someone else who rec with 540. They turned me down quess because of the bk.
Comment 2 by meya
Limits On Website on 2007-10-18

Way to go on your approval, but I have one question, are you able to see your limit on the website? I have yet to see mines.
Comment 3 by tknoxjr
Not On Website on 2007-10-18

No they don't meya, when I was approved online they did not give me my cl, had to call them and they told me, that is one drawback, but did get a email saying that their website is approving for account access
Comment 4 by pamela2
Account Online??? on 2007-10-21

Hi, I have the same problem. I filled everything out to register my account online and my card. But every time I try to see my credit limit it says my account is too new and information not available, and I had this account since sept. 13th this year.
Comment 5 by paula
Macy's on 2007-10-21

Viewing the credit limit online is not an option that Macy's provide and if I'm not mistaken, the credit limit doesn't even appear on your monthly statement. You have to either call the automated line or speak to someone in customer service to get the limit.
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