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Written by: joachim on 2021-09-22

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joachim's review: Callout Comment EBay MasterCard cancelled my credit card after many years as a customer because I submitted two payments during a time that my bank had put a fraud protection stop on my account.
I am constantly paying my account, never late and always paying much more than the minimum, but during the weekend my bank put a stop on my accounts because of possible fraud activity. This activity turned out to be false but during that time, and the time it took to clear the error with my bank, eBay tried to process the payment where it did not go through. I was cancelled without any chance of explaining or any ability to correct the error my bank fraud stop had caused. 100% cancelled without any correction. Worse of all was that I'm not even late! That I would understand.
This is horrible customer service, I feel as if I am not important as a customer at all. This is very upsetting to be cast out in such a manner. The card has a few perks but not enough to be treated like this. Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else where you will be valued as a long standing customer.
Customer service : 0 stars, friendly but worthless and powerless
Rewards: 2 stars: eBay points are ok but only good on eBay and you have to spend $1000 on eBay before you unlock full 5points
Online Account Management: 3 stars, I never found an app, you have to through the eBay site to get to your account,

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Cancelled User Icon on 2021-10-03

Remarks Most unfortunate! Hard when there is a lack of channels for seeking reconsideration on a matter you were not even aware of? Certainly understand caution for fraud but a second look by the FI would seem in order?
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