"Poor Customer Service. They Took Two Payments Out Of My Account Due To A Mobile App Glitch. They Have Refused To Credit Me Back For 2 Months"

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Written by: rosesheart47 on 2017-11-21

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rosesheart47's review: Callout Comment They have a new mobile app and it has a glitch that does not allow you to see your payment arrangement history. I did not realize that I had already made a payment and set up another one. I called them the Friday before and they said they could not see any payments on my account. The following week- two payments came out of my checking account back to back. I had 4-5 overdraft fees as a result and they have refused to refund them to my bank. I have been trying to get this issue resolved since September and they are rude and unprofessional


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Poor Customer Service. They Took Two Payments Out Of My Account Due To A Mobile App Glitch. They Have Refused To Credit Me Back For 2 Months User Icon on 2017-11-24

Remarks Glad you shared information on this card. On the surface it appears to serve as an option for people. From where I sit following on your report, it may not be the best way to go.
Comment 2 by boobie1998
My Thoughts On Verve... User Icon on 2017-12-02

Remarks Its definitely not the best card. Fees are high...was so expensive to open...had it over 2 years, it does grow with you...meaning they do credit line increases once a year for you...and they are free. I'm glad a never had an issue like yours. If the mistake was their was their fault, they should help you...or maybe try explaining what happened to your bank. Maybe they will credit you as a courtesy to you...best wishes to you.
Comment 3 by charniqua25
Keep Adding Extra Fees And Then Have To Refund Me..when I Notice It And Call User Icon on 2017-12-03

Remarks I have two cards with this bank my surge credit card is better.. kind of crazy but Verve customer service workers . are not being training and if so they doing what they want to do.
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