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Written by: breakinger on 2017-02-19

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breakinger's review: Callout Comment This Best Buy card is issued through Citibank, so your credit score to get approved must be in the excellent to good range. What I really like about this card is that I needed a new laptop, but didn't have the cash upfront. So instead I signed up for this card and was able to get deferred financing on it for 12-months with 10% back on rewards for my first purchase. This card also allows you to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, which is nice because you can keep accumulating reward points. The APR is typical for a store card at 25.74% with no annual fees. Just be sure to read over the contract before you sign up so that you understand the APR, APY, and Financing Deferred Interest.


Comment 1 by tishbel
Re: Great For Big Purchases User Icon on 2017-02-20

Remarks The rewards scheme looks excellent if you use BestBuy regularly. 5% cashback instore and 1% elsewhere is not bad! Did you get the ElitePlus version of the card, or the standard one?
Comment 2 by goldbug
Re: Great For Big Purchases User Icon on 2017-03-01

Remarks It looks like a typical storecard and while the reward percentages are good, it gives reward points instead of cashback. Before I apply for a card I want to know what I can spend points on, and what the rewards actually get me.
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