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Written by: curry on 2016-10-23

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curry's review: Callout Comment If you are looking for a credit card with no surprises and average to above average customer service, First Premier may be the card for you. I have dealt with them on 2 different occasions roughly 20 years apart with 2 different credit scores and I have no complaints. The interest rates are accurately reflective of your score as is the limit they give you. The biggest selling point I can give anyone is that, regardless of whether your score is good or bad, they treat you with the same amount of respect.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: First Premier Credit User Icon on 2016-10-25

Remarks Thanks for sharing your experiences with a historic perspective. Don't hear that much of late on this card so new information is welcomed!
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: First Premier Credit User Icon on 2016-11-01

Remarks I've never even heard of this card, curry. Thanks for sharing your experience on it and giving me some information on another card that I'm going to have to look into. How hard is it to obtain this card? I have a decent credit score but I do have a few other cards opened at the moment.
Comment 3 by astrid79
Re: First Premier Credit User Icon on 2017-02-06

Remarks I've had a First Premier card for over a year now. It's currently at a $300 credit limit. I wouldn't mind have it increase to an even $500. Once you get past the initial start-up fees it's not that bad.
Comment 4 by goldbug
Re: First Premier Credit User Icon on 2017-02-21

Remarks Good customer service is always something good to hear about. I saw on the description it says you need to have a checking account to open it. Does that have to be with First Premier, or just any checking account?
Comment 5 by boobie1998
Re: First PREMIER® Bank User Icon on 2017-03-10

Remarks They are not bad cards...AFTER you absorb all the fees...I have 2 with them, both on second year...No problems with either, and have gotten CLI on both accounts.
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