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Written by: jdorfler on 2016-06-08

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jdorfler's review: USAA Credit Cards are the best on the market for a few reasons, but the absolute best is how easy it is to pay off your cards. Especially if you have USAA Checking. Even if you are low on cash you can set up automatic payments to pay the minimum.

Their customer service is top notch. I've unfortunately have had some issues that USAA not only caught before I did, but protected me from more unwanted charges. Not to mention their willingness to go above and beyond helping me out with shipping cards to me no matter where I am in the world due to work. It takes awhile for the card to get to me, but this is not USAA's fault. Again, this due to my work.

I have nothing but good things to say about USAA. Are there some people that have issues? Of course, but I wonder how much of their issues are caused by themselves and not USAA.

Their cashback program on this card isn't the best in the industry, but the perks of having USAA behind you are worth the loss of .5% - 1% for a cash back card. Also, my interest rate is much lower than if I had gone with another company. If I ever find I have to carry a balance I know I am getting the best deal I can get for a rewards card.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: USAA Is Where It Is At. on 2016-06-09

Thanks for good review. I to am a USAA Military Member and they have been good to me. The products are notable and many are quite competitive. Their credit cards are a little lacking on rewards redemption but as a bank customer they more than make up for it!
Comment 2 by finance globe
Re: USAA Is Where It Is At. on 2016-06-10

Thank you for the great review! I have to agree with all you wrote - a top notch asset to any qualified to be a customer. I was a member since I started driving, and 23 years later have never regretted doing business with them. I normally do not put trust in a company, however USAA has earned it from me.
Comment 3 by russnaudreymiller
Re: USAA Is Where It Is At. on 2019-06-01

Credit scores at the time of applying? A lot of consumers are providing really good information but, we also would like to know what scores people are working with. It makes it easier to decide which card would be best for our situation.
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