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Written by: mrrob on 2015-10-20

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mrrob's review: Through all my financial mishaps I've been able to keep this card. I just got a certificate in the mail from Kohl's stating I've had their card for 13 years. I've never had any issues with this card.


Comment 1 by derekjenkinson
Re: 13 Years Wow! on 2015-10-24

Congratulations. What was your starting credit line and has it increased over time??
Comment 2 by mrrob
Re: 13 Years Wow! on 2015-11-11

Starting credit line was $300, its $1000 now
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: 13 Years Wow! on 2015-11-19

One of my cards too. Had it for six years and many good discounts. Now thirteen years is notable ... grats!
Comment 4 by breakinger
Re: 13 Years Wow! on 2016-03-24

Congratulations on having this card for so long. It sounds like it is a really great card to have. How long did it take for your CL to go from $300 to $1000? Every time I go shopping there they ask me to apply for this card but I haven't yet.
Comment 5 by moco
Re: 13 Years Wow! on 2018-10-10

That’s awesome!!! I’m hoping to get a kohl’s card too my mom has one and LOVES hers!!! Besides that’s the only store I can find nike socks and shoes bigger than a size 13 for my bf, so definitely want to get one, anyone know how hard it was? Instant approval? Is it a hard inquiry or can u get pre-qualifies, the low cl to start is fine, I just want my foot in the door!!!
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