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Written by: wndblwn06 on 2014-04-03

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wndblwn06's review: Callout Comment I am so glad I was approved! I was looking to transfer a $1,000 balance from another credit card that wasn't willing to reduce my interest rate. I'm not sure what my credit limit is yet, but it's at least $1027. I'm more than a little shocked that I was approved. Ficos as of today are TU 688 EQ 685 and EX 690. Annual income $20,000. No negatives, usage of about 40%, credit history varies from 5 to 15 years. Showing 20-21 accounts on each bureau. Two installment loans (one closed, one current, oldest one opened 2011) 1-2 inquiries on each bureau. It seems they pulled Experian (I'm in Ohio), which has a 15 year history


Comment 1 by wndblwn06
Re: Blue Cash Everyday User Icon on 2014-04-03

Remarks I forgot to ask...I also have the Dillards American Express. Will they backdate the Blue Cash?
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Blue Cash Everyday User Icon on 2014-04-09

Remarks No. The dillards card is issued by DSNB (department stores nantional bank) and is not owned by american express. DSNB uses the american express logo for their merchant services only.
Comment 3 by kdb030609
Re: Blue Cash Everyday User Icon on 2014-04-13

Remarks Dillards AMEX card is thru GECRB not DSNB. GE Capital Retail Bank.
Comment 4 by flirishpm
Re: Blue Cash Everyday User Icon on 2014-05-12

Remarks You'll like this card. I use it to pay for incidentals and regular bills each month like gas, groceries, Netflix, cable, cell phone bill, car insurance, electric bill, etc...at the end of the month, I pay off the balance. The cash rewards add up very quickly before you realize it. You'll get a full 3% cash back rewards on groceries...2% at department stores and gas...1% everywhere else...spend $1,000 in the first 3 months and they post a $100 reward to your account...I redeemed it for a $100 AMEX gift card and bought a round of golf, dinner & drinks.
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