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Written by: dm on 2007-10-05

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dm's review: Callout Comment Noticed that my APR on my Chase card dropped.5% on my statement that just cut. I called and the CSR informed me that most accounts will receive this drop to reflect the Federal Reserve dropping rates. Provided that an account is in "good standing" it should reflect the lower APR within 2 statement cycles. My APR is still high at 21.74%, but I appreciate the little bit of luv.

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Comment 1 by meya
***Good Going*** User Icon on 2007-10-05

Remarks That was a really cool deal! Put a good word in for me on this card. They just denied me last month. The cold part about it, I had to wait the entire 30 days just to hear it. Oh well, maybe next time. By the way, you just gave me an idea, I am about to see what Cap One can offer me, my APR is 15% and has been that way since I have signed up with them. They are forever sending me out those blank checks for 0-9% for 6-12 months. Pre-approved personal loans (which I got denied for) and pre-approved auto loans. I hate using blank checks, I would rather use my own for free.
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