After 13 long years........

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I would use a CL of $500 as an emergency fund. Once a month just buy some gas to fill up your tank and pay it off right away. It shows movement on the card, but you still have your emergency fund.
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As long as you pay off your credit card each month, the APR should not bother you. It won't effect you unless you don't pay it off in full.
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Good for you! Chase is a funny bank to deal with. My husband and I have been banking with them for eight years, we have a bunch of other major credit cards, have paid off car loans in that time, have always maintained a high balance in our checking account with them, and just last year finally got approved for one of their credit cards. I was beginning to think there was a glitch in their system when it came to us. :lol:
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Congrats! Chase is awesome with their CC's. I have the Rapid Rewards card and while I haven't seen an automatic CL, which I don't need a higher credit right now, I have been happy with Chase. From what I can tell they will CLI if you call but I will wait until I close some other cards I'm not using. Enjoy your new card.
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Approved for Chase Freedom. Credit score 699....APR 22.9% Kinda high but foot is in the door. CL $500
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