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Written by: creditlover on 2012-11-10

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creditlover's review: Callout Comment I opened this card because i needed dental work done. We all know that dental work is not cheap. I went to the dentist, had 6 months to pay my balance in full without intrest. I was unable to pay it in full in 6 months so now the intrest rate is high. If you are thinking about getting this card, i would forget about it.You are better off applying for a visa or mastercard with no intrest fees for a year.


Comment 1 by cmichaelmendoza
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2012-11-11

Remarks I don't understand how all of a sudden this card is not so great. I'm sure it was amazing when you applied, got approved and charged services to it. You knew the terms when you applied. I don't see how you can give a card a negative review only on the basis that you yourself couldn't afford to pay your balance in full within the no interest period. No one is to blame but you!! Grow up and take accountability for your own action.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2012-11-11

Remarks I agree with the first comment. Did you read your review before posting it? You had 6 months to pay without interest... you knew that. You knew if you were not able to pay the balance in full after the promotional period ended and the interest would accumulate....you knew that as well. so why are you upset? you knew all this when you signed the terms and conditions. You are just like every other arrogant consumer and this is why lenders have to hire so many unnecessary representatives for people like you calling in and complaining about terms that they already knew about or neglected to read the terms and conditions that were right there in front of them
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2012-11-12

Remarks When you sign on for any credit product (in today's world) the lender must disclose the terms and conditions. Your agreeing to them means you understand them. Or, don't agree to them. Six months no interest is a fair offer. It is up to you to comply with the terms and conditions!
Comment 4 by loveinlifenkc
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2012-11-13

Remarks There are quite a few credit card companies that lure us in with no interest financing for a period of time. I think the lesson with any of them is to make sure you pay off the balance before the grace period ends.
Comment 5 by ocoeelady
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2013-01-21

Remarks On the contrary, Care Credit is a great card. They first approved me for a $1000 limit. When I needed more dental work, they approved me a $1000 increase. I don't want to pay no part of that interest so I make sure I always have the money to pay it off by the time the promotional period is over. If you failed to do so, that's your fault and not theirs.

If they give you six months interest free to pay your bill, your dental bill probably was no more than $300. For you not to be able to pay that in 6 months is ridiculous imho. I guessed $300 because I was given a whole year to pay a $600 debt.
Comment 6 by angielforu
Re: Not Such A Great Card. User Icon on 2013-01-29

Remarks Sorry ocoeelady, but your statement is not accurate. The CL is determined by Care Credit but the promotional period is set by the dentist. I had $700 worth of dental work and was given 6 mo to payoff,which I did. My original CL was $1000 after payoff it increased to $3500. I don't need it, but it's nice to know its available. It's a good card if paid off in the allotted time.
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