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Written by: wanderer on 2012-10-19

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wanderer's review: Callout Comment Surprised! Received an e-mail informing me that as a "valued" Citi Bank customer, they were inviting me to apply for the Citi Forward Card with 9.74% purchase rate + prime (12.99% which is their best posted on line rate) and a twelve month purchases rate of 0% and twelve month balance transfer rate of 0%. Approval was after I received an e-mail asking me to contact them right away which I did and approval! They pulled Experian and Scores EQ 760 TU 769 EX 771.

The card also includes a rate reduction of 2% off of the initial rate (new rate would be 10.99%) once I have used the card in compliance with the terms and conditions for eight quarters (total of twenty-four months). That means not going over the credit limit and paying at least the minimum payment each month with no payment problems.

Note, I ran the e-mail through the Citi Bank Security Department as a telephone call (two actually) yielded no Citi Customer Service personnel who were aware that Citi was using e-mails for marketing new credit card products. Card received an auto upgrade to Visa Signature on February 26, 2014 (without the NPSL now optional according to Visa).


Comment 1 by finance globe
Re: Citi Forward User Icon on 2012-10-19

Remarks Congrats Wanderer! You are in their VIP database! I use my cards strictly for the use of rewards or cash back, and apply for new ones when a reward program is compelling.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Citi Forward User Icon on 2012-10-19

Remarks Congrats Wanderer! Citi Bank is winning you over BIG time! Its nice to see those prime offers come rolling in, your hard work and patience is paying off, and it shows! Enjoy!
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