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Written by: rob72830 on 2012-10-14

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rob72830's review: Callout Comment Got an invitation in the mail to apply for Citi Home Depot card. Something didn't go right when I applied online so I called the Citi customer service to try and correct it. Well Customer service said they didn't handle HD cards and asked if I wanted to apply for a Citi card. I said yes but only wanted a regular card without rewards. After about 20 minutes of them asking questions they said I was approved for the Simplicity card with cli of $2000 and 0 AF. I almost fell out of my chair. I sure didn't expect that. I also got 0% apr on a balance transfer which I used to zero my First Premier Card that I closed. No need keeping that around anymore. I don't know what my scores were since it was an invitation I responded to and it was over the phone but I highly recommend this card. Also, a few days later I got the HD card in the mail with a $2K grand cli also. Apparently my application went thru before the computer glitched.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Approved For $2000 User Icon on 2012-10-18

Remarks Citi is one of the best cards to have in your wallet! First class service and always accept my online payments promptly! They also offer a credit line increase feature after 6 months on on time payments you can always request one and its always almost instant! Congratulations on your new card! Enjoy!
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Approved For $2000 User Icon on 2012-10-25

Remarks I agree with the above comment. I love that Citi takes care of existing card members. I got approved for this same card today. This is my 3rd Citi card in 13 months! Plus I said while im at it might as well request credit line increases on my other cards. I didnt want to seem deperate so I request an additional 1,000 on both cards. Approved in 3 seconds! All online! No hassle of needing to call in!
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