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Written by: c623700 on 2012-07-02

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c623700's review: Callout Comment I signed up for the rewards after I was fed up with the poor return on airmiles, and despite having a excellent cedit I only got $7500 limit. At first I was not too displease but as I got a few emergency early on, all in a row I quickly got to reach close to my limit, so I made an early payment to "free" up some credit availability, only to find out that they freeze your payment for 10 days until the "free up amount" is cleared. Well needless to say that by then - 10 days later I had reach the limit and got ding for it. Call and chat with several peoples - they deflect the question you ask by usually replying "is there an emergency" because for a fee we can give you cash availability - YEAH at 33% interest starting yesterday- How sweet of you???? No I pay my payment early I expect my credit to free up. NOPE they decide how long and how much they will freeze and regardless of if you pay, you still not in the clear and that is where they get you


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Worst Service Ever User Icon on 2012-07-02

Remarks Capital One is not a very good company, and I feel that they don't value their customers, as much as some other banks do. As far as the credit limit the maximum Capital One will issue is $15,000 and very rarely do they actually give anybody a credit line that high.
Comment 2 by roughdraft
Re: Worst Service Ever User Icon on 2012-07-03

Remarks I have noticed that about Capital One, through many user's comments, is that [they] will tend to have things always fall in their favor. Ask them to do something for you and you get the cold shoulder. Unfortunately, they pray on those of us with few options. If you have above average scores, shop somewhere else for you credit cards.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Worst Service Ever User Icon on 2012-09-06

Remarks Your CL is way beyond the top of what Capital One usually gives. They generall run $300 to $3,000 CL and NEVER beyond. For high CL look to the prime card issuers. By the way, a CL of $7.5K isn't too shabby.
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