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Written by: vinnyv on 2012-06-04

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vinnyv's review: Callout Comment Decided to gamble a hard inquiry (2nd in 2 years)...and to my surprise i was approved instantly with $2000 CL. This is my second Cap one card other is Capital one platinum with $500 CL (credit steps program)
TU 601, EQ 641, EX 636. No late pays in last 14 months on Car payment, three small cards( $500CL or less)


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-06-04

Remarks Congratulations. How long of a credit history do you have?
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-06-05

Remarks Great! Welcome to a good card with a super CL. You are working your way up with a prime Capital One Card.
Comment 3 by vinnyv
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-06-05

Remarks Thanks, what a feeling it was to be Approved! Average account age 3yrs 7 months. In my 20's really didnt think about how important a solid credit history would be. Just a year and a half ago my score was lingering in the 530's...i was determined to dig myself out of that 500 rut. Thanks to the help of this community i understand the factors ( utilization %, payment history, account age, inquiries) that make up the score. 700's are my goal by the end of the year.
Comment 4 by roughdraft
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2012-06-05

Remarks Nice CL! I would have figured Capital One not to lend much right now, since the aquisition. That's pretty impressive. Nice job!
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