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Written by: cassandra on 2012-05-25

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cassandra's review: Callout Comment My husband has this card and I am an authorized user, which is good because this shows up on my credit report as well. His credit limit is 500. I liked it and used it much more before JCPenneys did their big change over because I would get reward coupons and at times not spend very much at all. I would recommend this card.


Comment 1 by roughdraft
Re: Good User Icon on 2012-05-25

Remarks I had read great reviews, over and over about how GECapital (specifically the JCPenny card) gives CLI's and 'takes care of you' but I can't seem to get a CLI. I have called and tried twice. I have had the card about 10 months now and still only have $150 CL. I don't want to affect my credit in any way right now, but plan on closing mine in a couple of months. Low limit cards are good to start but its better to have a few higher limit cards.
Comment 2 by cassandra
Re: Good User Icon on 2012-05-25

Remarks He started out with a 500 credit limit about 9 months ago. He has not tried to get a increase but they have not increased it either. I like the card though.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Good User Icon on 2012-05-27

Remarks Great card. Use mine regularily.
Comment 4 by wndblwn06
Re: Good User Icon on 2012-06-01

Remarks I started out at $150 2 years and a few months ago and am now at $2,300. At first, i was automatically given increases every few months...now I believe you have to call and request them (used to be able to request one online). The interest rate is ridiculous, but what're you gonna do :p They are great with cli's as long as you use it and pay on time!
Comment 5 by jaime7815702
Re: Good User Icon on 2013-03-13

Remarks That's weird because I started at $200 limit and in 3.5 months they gave me my first increase to $500. And now at 7 months since I opened they gave me another increase. This time they went over their heads to $2,000 way more than I need! It's good to know that you can use this card at cvs and rite aid!!
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