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Written by: mary mckercher on 2012-04-06

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mary mckercher's review: Callout Comment They said my Credit score was not up to their levels?

EQ 642
EX 599
TU 690

BK 2007

They must use EXPERIAN


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-04-08

Remarks Unfortunate. Sometimes we just move on and seek other credit. Funny how one person gets approved and another is no dice. Credit is a game and we are the players.
Comment 2 by majtykamadness
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-04-09

Remarks Have you looked into why your Experian score is so low compared to the other two? Maybe they have incorrect info reporting on that report. Maybe worth checking into.
Comment 3 by jtaber79
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-04-18

Remarks My EX score is so much lower than my TU or EQ. I have tried disputing incorrect information on my credit report, but after they supposedly "investigated", they said the information was accurate. They refuse to re-investigate anything or provide you with the means for which they verified the information.
Comment 4 by nkeddie01
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2013-05-08

Remarks I had the same issues with Equifax, and i have my police report and ftc fraud paperwork and they still refuse to remove fraud. I have been round and round with them.. finally i sent them a not so nice letter and they are working with me somewhat. Just be persistant with them, and whatever you do dont EVER file an online dispute they NEVER really investigate anything and just slap it back on your credit. My name was spelled wrong and i tried to dispute online and it kept coming back that it was correct..really?..lol I think i know how to spell my own name. look online and find a good sample letter to them and send it certified mail.
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