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Written by: creditcardaddict on 2012-02-29

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creditcardaddict's review: Callout Comment Felt like applying for this card so i go to their web site and apply. I insert all my info waited some seconds and BAM! Sorry you have been denied. Wasn't expectiong to be approved since I do have some inquiries but the reason was because of my credit utilization and also because of my credit score my experian score it is only 715. Oh well I will not apply for this card anymore maybe in 4 years. Its rewards are very nice. My friend has it and she says its a credit card you will want to have in your wallet.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-02-29

Remarks American Express is a very weird company and I've found that you must have excellent credit, or not have anything at all bad on your credit report. When I had to call in to AMEX they had horrible customer service, I could barely understand what they were saying.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-03-03

Remarks American Express like Discover Card tends toward extreme conservatism. Too many inquiries and debt and it is over.

Also, there are other cards out there that equal or exceed American Express in the Mastercard or Visa flavor and are accepted at way more places.
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-03-17

Remarks I agree, having the Blue in my wallet is great. It's my favorite credit card and used where ever possible.

Regarding your way in with AMEX, I would start with a charge card, like the Zync, then after six months of aging apply for a revolving card (like the Blue Cash). This is exactly what I did. I applied with AMEX at least three times before accepting I'll have to use a charge card first, all were denied. They risk involved for AMEX is lower with charge cards.

Good luck!
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