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Written by: judy perkins on 2012-02-08

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judy perkins's review: Callout Comment Either the minimum credit score on this is wrong, or grossly outdated, Customer service was helpful in telling me my application got declined and friendly after they found out it was declined.


Comment 1 by alxny
Re: Declined User Icon on 2012-02-09

Remarks Best thing that ever Happen to you .
They have always decline me So I recomend
Best Buy or Other store cards
This is a card I don't want due to low credit line.
Comment 2 by roughdraft
Re: Declined User Icon on 2012-02-09

Remarks I applied for this card twice before I was approved. Creditors look at credit scores, but don't base their decisions solely on that. In my case I had closed some accounts, and still owed money so I had a high dept ratio, and some derogatory marks even though my credit score was hovering around 600. I applied again in June and was approved for $150. CL is low, I don't carry a balance on this card as it doesn't do much for my dept ratio, but they have good rewards and GEmoney grows with you. There are a lot of comments on here about persons who, after applying for a GEMoney card, later have sucess appying for other GEMoney bank cards. It might be easier getting in through one of those. Then in 6 months to a year try again, but once you're in, you build a relationship with them.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Declined User Icon on 2012-02-14

Remarks Generally GE Money Bank with JCPenney is a good card. They take care of their customers and help you rebuild over time. Usually this opens doors to other GE Moneyy Bank Cards too. Wait a while and try again.
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