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Written by: creditcardaddict on 2011-12-31

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creditcardaddict's review: Callout Comment Applied for this card 1 year ago and have been using it ever since, I currently upgraded it to the Gold Star Rewards(which there is no credit check with in this upgrade action), Two days ago I decided to upgraded for an Macys AMEX haven't received an answer on that the people told me to wait 7-10 days, SOO we shall see how that goes. I'll post if I got approved or denied. The only difference is that with and amex i could use it anywhere. ALTHOUGH I shall STOP applying for credit cards for now and wait till my 8 inquiries go away. gonna manage all my credit cards the right way this new year and get my credit scores back to how they were before I applied for all these credit cards. any tips on how I could to that a faster way? Thanks! Trasunion: 700 Experian:688 Equifax:691

P.S I recently posted my current credit scores on my best buy credit card review.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2012-01-02

Remarks I have found it extremely difficult to get upgraded to the AMEX version of this store card! DSNB Macy's store card is much easier to get than the AMEX version, and basically they look for lots of card usage and a clean credit report before they approve an upgrade. I have heared that customers have a much higher chance of getting approved for the AMEX at the register more so than calling in to upgrade later, and Macy's does also send out invitations once in ahwile pre approving an upgrade to the AMEX as well! Best of luck and yes, please do post your results!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2012-01-02

Remarks Good luck on the upgrade!
Comment 3 by creditcardaddict
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2012-01-10

Remarks I called them and they told me that it can take up to 30 days, but as soon as I get an answer I will update and let you guys know.
Comment 4 by creditcardaddict
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2012-02-15

Remarks UPDATE! Still in process Macys told me that I will be notified this month.
Comment 5 by creditcardaddict
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2012-02-29

Comment 6 by fallin elizabeth
Re: Not That Bad. User Icon on 2014-03-26

Remarks Same thing happened to me. They treat you like a crook and tell you need credit counseling. Close the account and go to Dillards the customer service is good.
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