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Written by: hiphopsays on 2011-10-29

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hiphopsays's review: Callout Comment I had a CapOne MCard since 2008....started at 1K received a CLI of 3K last year. I called CapOne in hopes of getting a CLI for the holiday season, my card expires in a month, but in true CapOne fashion they declined the CLI and instead attempted to 'up' sell me on other products. Finally, after several NOs I was offered the 'new' Capital One Cash rewards card. I can't 'downgrade' it but I start earning immediately 1% flat cashback and on my anniversary I will get 50% on cashback reward. I don't use the card that much .... just around the holiday. Overall the only downside is that it's a World MasterCard which means the credit limit is not report to credit bureaus. I have an Amex Blue (3%-groceries;2%-gas/dept stores; 1% - all else) that I use primarily and CapOne's cashback probably won't change that much. I will say that I usually find CapOne's customer service abhorrent but this experience was quite the opposite....it is possible this is the case because I called a 'back door' number (877.513.9959) for the CLI.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Called For A CLI ... Received Offer For An Upgrade User Icon on 2011-10-29

Remarks Congrats on the card. This is suppose to be one of Cap One's top cards for those with excellent credit. Personally, I can't stand Cap One but, they sure have helped a lot of folks to start over and then move on to other lenders. As to World Master Cards, my USAA World Mastercard reports a flexible spending limit (CL) and it works like a regular CL not some unknown. According to Cap One's website, World Mastercards start when a CL is $5,000 or more and they do issue a revolve a line credit line that will be reported to the credit bureau.
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Called For A CLI ... Received Offer For An Upgrade User Icon on 2011-10-29

Remarks Congratulations. I was considering applying for this card in a few months, but I really don't like the way Capital One treats their customers.
Comment 3 by patrick12
Re: Called For A CLI ... Received Offer For An Upgrade User Icon on 2011-10-29

Remarks I called Capital One last week and asked for an increase and a APR reduction with no success, so I closed both of my cards with them, called my credit union, they lowered my APR with no questions and doubled my credit limit! With my credit profile and scores now, I refuse to settle for nothing less than the best service! So far Three Rivers FCU has shown me alot of love, and in return I give them my loyalty! Congrats on your upgrade with Capital One!
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