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Written by: apa guy on 2011-09-21

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apa guy's review: Callout Comment $600 credit limit, and the benefits seem outstanding - particularly if you pay off your balance each month. I really like that you can get cash back on this card in the store and that it can be used for the auto services, gift cards, etc. This is a really good store credit card option for those in the 640-720 FICO range.


Comment 1 by majtykamadness
Re: Approved On The Spot... User Icon on 2011-09-21

Remarks Congrats!
Got this card last year with a $1400 CL. I've kept a VERY low balance (under $200) b/c the APR is obviously high b/c its a store card. Does come with good benefits. Kinda stingy on CL increases tho. I'm now at $1550 in first year. Advise you keep a low balance and NOT pay off completely each month or GEMB may lower your limit. GEMB is good at that. Nice to have around black Friday.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved On The Spot... User Icon on 2011-09-21

Remarks Way to go! Congrats!
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