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Written by: jaime on 2007-09-18

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jaime's review: Callout Comment I was approved for this card also. I was a little surprised. I had applied about 2 months ago and was denied. I have a score of about 625, with a 2 year old BK. I have been current on all bills for the last 4 years. I just have a problem called credit happiness. I love credit cards. I try to pay off in full soon after use, but like to get them just to have. If any one knows of some other cards that are easy to get after a bk, please write. Thanks again for this site it is great!!! The limit was a little low for my card at $ 200, but it is a start.


Comment 1 by meya
RE: Jaime User Icon on 2007-09-18

Remarks Way to go Jaime! Welcome to the Hooter Family... Lol. Jaime we are happy to hear that you really like this site. How about joining us? When you first come in to this site, scorll down to the bottom and you will see Finance Network, click on the link and sign up with us. Majority of the members are already transferred over there and we don't want you to miss us. Come on in while the water is still coll, when it starts to get hot... Woohoo, you better pack your ice because the womens are going to be posting and breaking our nails and the men are going to get artharitis in the fingers... Lol
Comment 2 by meya
Re:Jaime User Icon on 2007-09-18

Remarks Congrats again, hey don't feel bad about the $200, we have been there and done that... Lol. Try Barclays Bank Cards, as a matter of fact, when you sign up with the network, go to the Forum for Poor Credit Individuals, I gave great info in there.
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