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Written by: alxny on 2011-03-21

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alxny's review: Callout Comment Ok. I have  public savings bank secured credit card for a year and I got a email from capital one to apply since I been with them for a while and have there checking... Ok I decided to apply... And I was approved with a credit line of $500 no annual fee and the APR is high 24% but I cant believe they gave me a second chance since a bankruptcy on 2009 Well I now have a unsecured card and yes I will keep this card... Paid and will use it for small thing... Thank you Capital One... Yes your in my wallet..!!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Capital One Is Great !!!! User Icon on 2011-03-22

Remarks WOW! Congratulations on your new start! It has to feel good after all that you have been through! Great door opener. Enjoy your path on credit rebuilding. We look forward to you sharing your credit rebuilding.
Comment 2 by brian23
Re: Capital One Is Great !!!! User Icon on 2011-03-22

Remarks Congratulations on the approval. Yes, CapOne is a great bank although I think they have been pretty stingy on their CLI's. Enjoy.
Comment 3 by alxny
Re: Capital One Is Great !!!! User Icon on 2011-03-22

Remarks Thank you... Guys !!!
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Capital One Is Great !!!! User Icon on 2011-03-28

Remarks Congrats!
Comment 5 by bc8787
Re: Capital One Is Great !!!! User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks I give it to capital one that they approved me with a 556 credit score 5 years ago. Now I am at the 700's mark and they STILL won't give me a credit line increase. They said I would have to cancel the card I had and apply all over again. No thank you. I am not canceling a card that has 5 years worth of credit reporting history behind it.
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