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Written by: derek1061 on 2011-03-03

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derek1061's review: Callout Comment So I went online to check out my credit card statement and CL went from $320 all the way to $1,520. That is a huge credit limit increase. Ive never even heard of such a thing from HSBC. I was sooooo excited. YAYYYYYY


Comment 1 by hammer23
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-03

Remarks Way to go! They just increased my limit today as well, though not as drastically (went from $750 to $1050)
Comment 2 by mrrob
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-04

Remarks WOW, what going on with BestBuy MC, I wish I got the same but I didn't enjoy
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-05

Remarks Wow, that is huge. Congratulations. What do you think caused this? Meaning, do you use this card on a regular basis and then pay it off in full? Has your credit score improved recently?
Comment 4 by roughdraft
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-06

Remarks I think it may be an indication of the economy recovering. Notice that last month the unemployment rate was lowest in over 2 years at 8.9% on a national average. People are spending more, feeling more confident about their jobs, and so banks will start lending. Cards I had been looking at that offered only a $250 credit limit, suddenly are offering $350. Monitoring bank activity and sharing resources the way we do here on FG is extremely valuable. Congrats, and thanks for the post Derek1061.
Comment 5 by derek1061
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-06

Remarks I use my card every single day and use it to the point of being almost maxed out until I get paid and then I pay in full. It did take me over 2 years to receive my first cli but it sure was a big one.
Comment 6 by ari
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-09

Remarks Congrats on the cli's. I decided to check my online statement and no change in credit line. I called and they said no. My scores are above 740. Got the card when my credit wasn't the greatest. I should just cancel the card but best buy is one of my favorite stores.
Comment 7 by lemonrage
Re: HUGE CLI TODAY!!! User Icon on 2011-03-10

Remarks Dude that is awesome! I've had the card since September 2010 and have a limit of $300... I've used and paid $4000 to HSBC and I call them every month begging for a CLI... This story is encouraging, but looks like it will take me a long while! Any other pointers? Thanks!
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