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Written by: jjeff1kat on 2011-02-18

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jjeff1kat's review: Callout Comment This card is by invitation only... Received invite today... Called they approved it in seconds... Only use this card to enhance your credit avail... I have used cards like these to improve credit score... Rate was 29.9%... So I will put this in my drawer and pay only the monthly fees, I have used this method since my bk 2 years ago... And have raised my score over 120 points... This is my 5th cc... Other 4 cards have a higher cl... And 0% for 9 months, other cards are cap 1... Hsbc... Credit unions 2... Good luck Scores... TU 680... EX 631 and Eq 644...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Quick....yet Being Cauious User Icon on 2011-02-18

Remarks Good to see you working the re-build credit circuit. Patience and time is the key (oh yes... And paying bills on time). Could you add your FICO/FAKO Scores so others would know. This may be the first time this card has appeared in the review section.
Comment 2 by jjeff1kat
Re: Quick....yet Being Cauious User Icon on 2011-02-19

Remarks Sorry thought I posted my scores... TU 680... EX 631 and Eq 644... Also I believe this is a new card... By invite only. Customer sevice states that will change... So far so good... It was fast and friendly... This coming from someone who has had trouble in past such as a divorce... I have used cards like these to build credit... I myself have had background in finance... Found some ways around the system
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