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Written by: joeyman on 2010-10-07

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joeyman's review: I was instantly approved for the Zync card from American Express. This is my first AMEX, I really wanted the Blue Cash but I felt like my chances of being approved were lower than the Zync. My Equifax score was 702; Experian was somewhere around 710-730; and Transunion was unknown. My utilization was below 1% with 24 months credit history on my oldest account. I am 20 years old with currently 3 credit cards; Unitus CCU $1k limit; Capital One $1.5k limit; and Elan financial services card, $1.4k limit. The Zync will be my 4th card. I had 8 hard inquiries on my Experian report (none within the last 6+ months), and my other reports had 4-7 each.

I choose the following packs:

Eco - FREE
Personal Finance - FREE
Connect (mobile phone, cable, internet, etc.) - $20
Family Travel - FREE

I hope to get a Blue Cash in about six months! I can't believe I was instantly approved... Maybe I should have went for the Blue Cash now? LOL!


Comment 1 by locnguyun
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Wow congrats man! Lol are you my identical credit brother?!? I'm 20 with similar credit score, history and my initial card was the blue! But I knew the Zync would be an easy Approval. My other plan was to get my foot in the door then wait 6 months to apply for the blue as well! Wow this is too cool. I have a twin credit brother. Again congrats!
Comment 2 by joeyman
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Thanks "bro!" Heh... I am so happy, can't wait for the card to come in the mail. I work nights and now I can't wait for this night to be over! About to have five days off! And the feeling of getting that approval is nice. I feel like its even improved my work performence?!?
Comment 3 by locnguyun
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Also, I've had this card for nearly 3 months now. The rewards are not the greatest & it would take forever for a student like me to rack up any points if at all. For instance, you would literally have to spend $10000 just to redeem a $50 giftcard. Besides the rewards, I really enjoy using this card. Amex has extreme customer service representatives and other online programs. Once I graduate from college I'll gradually upgrade from zync to gold then one day to platinum. For now, I'll enjoy using this card at fine dinings. Welcome to AMEX, I hope you will enjoy this card as much as I do.
Comment 4 by joeyman
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

I spend about $1k/month - it's good to know the rewards suck. I'll keep working towards the Blue Cash. :)
Comment 5 by locnguyun
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Well there you go, the rewards would benefit you more since you're a bigger spender. For me, my bankamaericard and Amex accelerated rewards gives me 1.25 points on all purchases. I can redeem it for cash giftcards or anything I like, it's a really nice rewards program from bofa. It's something you might want to consider if you want good rewards without paying an annual fee. That's just my 2 cent.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Congrats! Awesome... The foot is in the door! Feels good!
Comment 7 by eugene66
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Way to go! You finally got a piece of the pie lol.
Comment 8 by finance globe
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Congrats, well deserved!
Comment 9 by colonative
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-07

Congrats Joey. I got my first Amex at 20 also. And that really helped when 9 years later I opened a Blue card and it reports as being opened in 1999. Amex is great despite what others may say and you will really enjoy being a cardholder!
Comment 10 by joeyman
Re: My First American Express on 2010-10-11

American Express pulled Experian, I know they did not pull Equifax, however, TransUnion remains unknown.
Comment 11 by madcowz57
Re: My First American Express on 2011-02-10

Amex approved me for this card and a Blue Cash card at the same time. Still waiting for it in the mail...:(
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