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Written by: joearg29 on 2010-08-11

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joearg29's review: Callout Comment I applied on the 2ND OF August, approved FOR 50,000!!! Was shocked!! TU FICO was 813 at the time no inq. And AAoA was 7 yRS


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: APPROVED User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks That's what I call a credit line!! I am going for this one in short order.

I've been hearing and reading about this card from my friends over at myFICO, and the ridiculous lines they have been approving lately. I think the thing here with Nationwide is that they are inquiry sensitive. 99% TU pullers. Also scores of 690 and above have better chance of approval.

Good bank with no frills...1% cashback on purchases, 12 mos 0% on auto repairs, and 6mos 0% on BT's and purchases

Comment 2 by joearg29
Re: APPROVED User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks Thanks, I applied simply because I am switching State farm for Nationwide to do insurance on my 2nd home. So the agent like state farm, urged to apply so I did first card in a long time, and INQ. But because the CL is good, I will keep it I have not yet got in the mail. So yup they have crazy approval process I hear, some people with 60% utl getting approved for 14k others with 5% utl and long history of accounts denied. I have no idea how they underwrite but I would pull the trigger and app especially if you have any insurance or product as it significantly raises your probability of high CL and approval.
Comment 3 by joearg29
Re: APPROVED User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Card should come in today, Will ask for CLI at activation to 50-60K... Crossing fingers
Comment 4 by joearg29
Re: APPROVED User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Almost Forgot, Did get 100K limit, included some royalty income, this is crazy. They were really nice!! I think if you have 2 inq or less and utl between 8-15% and AAoA at least 3 years You have a solid chance, and 50k+ income
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: APPROVED User Icon on 2010-09-02

Remarks Congrats! Good to know more about this card. Used to have a pile of money with Nationwide in a 457K. Loved them but I changed employment and had to get out. Sorry but those were the rules. Still miss them...!
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