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Written by: nckuttoomm on 2010-08-04

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nckuttoomm's review: Callout Comment Actually I applied the Chase Slate but I can't delete the original review for the pre-qualify mail offer. Eventually I got card with 3000 CL (0% APR for a while but I don' t care) and the credit score is Eqi/Exp/Tra = 725/707/709. They pulled Tra and there are 2 hard inquiries in last 12 months.

The problem now is, they don't let me switch Slate to Freedom... There are some people here said that it worked even the past several months. I called them before and the answer was positive, too. Anyway, now I have 3k extra credit which I totally don't want to use at all.

Anybody here has some better ideas~? Or just keep calling them until there is a representative who's willing to do the "switch" for me. Kind of stupid though... Maybe just close this card and simply apply for Chase Freedom.

By the way, now I already have one Discover More, one AMEX Costco and two Citi Forwards. The CLs are between 2~4k. The credit history is about 2.5 yrs.

Please don't ask me why there are two Citi Forwards and each with 4k CL. That's another stupid story...(But the Chase Slate is the worst)


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-04

Remarks Congrats! Decent CL. Now that said, ColoNative has Chase Slate and maybe insight on how to change products. I have had Bank of America change products for me but, not anyone else. Others on this site have had other luck where they were able to change products so keep calling and is there any benefit to Chase Slate? I have Chase Freedom and love it. Makes me lots of cash (about $400 cash in 2009). Also, like my HSBC American Express with 1.25 points per dollar spent 7.9% apy and $10K limit (made me money).
Comment 2 by kdb030609
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-04

Remarks Congratulations!!! That is a nice CL & scores. Next time you call try asking if you can speak to a credit analyst!
Comment 3 by nckuttoomm
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-05

Remarks To Kdb030609 : The customer service number doesn't let me talk to a credit analyst. I remember that I did the same thing to my BOA credit card and it was converted from student Visa to student master to World Points Reward. However, that happened after maybe 20 phone calls until one day a representative was willing to help.

To Wanderer: The only benefit for Chase Slate is the 0% APR which means nothing to me.
Comment 4 by kdb030609
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-05

Remarks Well sorry to hear that. I don't understand what they're doing with the Slate Card. I know the blueprint is a interesting feature. However they just changed my old Perfect Card Visa. To a Freedom Visa Card with the rewards. It also has the Blueprint feature as well. I asked B of A to change my card to a Visa with World Points last year. Then three months ago they upgraded it to the signature with Worldpoints. They definitely seem more prone to do product changes. Maybe someone else has an idea on how to get them to change it t freedom. Good Luck!!!
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-05

Remarks Chase back door credit number??? Help. As to the 0% I understand. BT mean nothing to me. I am betting the Chase Slate is to lose the expense of a "rewards" based card.
Comment 6 by colonative
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks I have Slate by Chase (only because Chase no longer has a "platinum" card. It was originally a real Chase card instead of this BS that First USA is passing off as Chase. I am not sure about Chase's policy with changing card types; however, recently I was informed by Citibank that they are no longer changing card types because of CARD Act and even companies like Nordstrom that used to reopen previously closed accounts have stopped. It is a new world of credit unfortunately. Thank goodness we have Mr. Obama and Barney Frank fighting for all of us and smacking the big bad banks on the wrists for having the gaul to issue credit to us.
Comment 7 by genem23
Re: Chase Slate User Icon on 2011-08-19

Remarks @Nc...I use to work at Chase as a Supervisor in the credit card dept. and no they no longer do product trades. They stopped doing it about a year and a half ago. Many people called in upset as they were getting their rewards program changed. Also, at the same time they jacked up everyone's APR. So, if any of the agents that answer the phones says that you can, they aren't telling you the truth. They will just transfer you to a supervisor that will tell you the same thing. From there the Supervisor will tell you all the good things about the card you have...which will probably mean nothing to you. SORRY :(
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