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Written by: shanm1981 on 2010-07-17

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shanm1981's review: Callout Comment I am so excited, finally got approved for this card after applying 2 other times this year! I have been working on rebuilding my credit for the past 6 years and have even got walmart as a bad charge off that will fall off my report 03/2011. GEmb gave me another chance with JcPenney earlier this year, so I knew they would give me another change with Walmart.

I applied in Feb, April and was denied. Then, I went in and applied in the store and got a receipt that I had to call in 48 hours to complete my application and verify some info. I thought it was another denial, but found out I was approved and that I was approved for $1200!!! I could not believe my credit limit, my FICOs last time I checked are mid 600's, so to get a 1200 walmart store limit is amazing, its more then all of my current cards combined. So I just wanted to tell everyone who is trying for the card to not give up, it can happen to you too!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Got Card After 3rd Try! User Icon on 2010-07-18

Remarks Congratulations! This is awesome... Approval and a great credit limit. Enjoy your credit recovery!
Comment 2 by boxfg
Re: Got Card After 3rd Try! User Icon on 2010-07-23

Remarks Wow, what a joke of a bank. Barclays Bank's customer service department is by far THE worst I have encountered. I am surprised Frontier Airlines has not moved on to a different bank to administer the frequent flier credit card offer. The customer service at the bank is the worst I have ever experienced.

If I did not love Frontier Airlines and want the mileage credit I would have dumped Barclays Bank long ago.

Seriously, I do not understand how a company (Barcays) can stay in business with the poor customer service, lack of follow through, incompetent employees, not well-trained employees on their own products (e. G. Stating they don't offer a "Pay Pass" credit card through Frontier Airlines, when they do!!!), weak supervisors, not calling back within 24 hours as they state a manager will do and managers not even aware of what the problem is.

This goes back to mid-May when I was sent a new credit card because I was "upgraded" to a better card. Two months later and nearly 30 phone calls and I don't have resolution and continue to get incompetent customer service employees who give me incorrect information and do not seem to care to fix the situation. Stay clear of getting one of these cards if you can help it. (I read the negative post by a person who "was roped" into one there at the Denver Airport.)

I am so disappointed in this product, Barclays Bank, any Barclays cards, especially the Frontier Airlines Barclays MasterCard, the incompetent call center they use in Manila, the uniformed bank customer service personnel in the U. S. Who do not follow through and seem uninterested in helping, Frontier Airlines.

There are other better choices out there. Be aware - Mike
Comment 3 by kmoney
Re: Got Card After 3rd Try! User Icon on 2010-07-26

Remarks Congratulations :o) on getting your card and with such a fantastic limit. I got a Walmart card too $700.00 limit. I am excited.
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