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Written by: terren2000 on 2010-05-05

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terren2000's review: Callout Comment Just got approved for Dell preffered $2000 credit limit. 6 recent Inquiries, but over 4 months ago. I got the approval online in about 60 seconds. Was able to use card immediatedly. they didn't ask for proof or income or what my income was. I chose the working/student option which indicated I was working and a student enrolled in school. They didn't ask any details about my enrollment.

I believe they pulled Experian.

I also have one late report on my CR. Its a $563 bill from 2004. It has also been sent to a CA who is reporting negative on it since 2008.

Experian 734.

Equifax 697

Transunion 713


Comment 1 by brian23
Re: Approved Details Inside User Icon on 2010-05-05

Remarks Congrats! Even with the negative mark on your CR, those are still some good scores. Good job on the approval.
Comment 2 by terren2000
Re: Approved Details Inside User Icon on 2010-05-06

Remarks Yea, I had it on my CR along with a Judgment. At the time my Creit Score was 598. In August 2009 Walmart gave me a card, and within 3 months of paying and using it, I went up to about a 623. Then Orchard gave me a card, and I went down, and in about a month went up again to about 650. Then I got a Macys card and used it along with the others and got around 670-680. Then I worked on getting my utilization of my 3 cards combined down to 9%, then I jump to about 690. Then I got my judgment vacated just last month, and it fell off Monday. So I applied for Dell since they check Experian and my Experian score jumped to over 730, I figured theyd give me one, and they did.

Yheyve denied me 3 times before. I figured better get the cards now while my score is looking good.
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