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Written by: brammy on 2007-08-30

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brammy's review: Callout Comment I threw this card in the shredder a week and a half after receiving it in the mail. I applied for this card online with a score range of 680-704 (real FICOS). With my kid being a new teen he wanted cool clothes and better cologne.

I was shocked to see the measly 200.00 limit. Can someone tell me what you can buy at Dillards for less than 200.00? The shirt my son wanted was 50.00 and the jacket was 79.00 we hadn't even gotten to the pants yet.

I called GEMB to ask for an increase at activation which they said they did not do... Ok. I had the card and wanted to use the 20 buck certificate. Off to Dillards I went and dummy forgot the certificate.

Bought my son some cologne and myself perfume for a grand total of 173.00. No problem since I knew I would be paying the balance in full. Patiently waited for 4 days for transaction to post and immediately paid 100.00 online. Waited a few days (promised my kid we would go over the weekend for the Girbaud shirts) but no increase in avail credit.

Finally wondering what the heck was going on since online it clearly showed a different balance, was told that there was a 21 day hold on m payment. WTH? C'mon people I think the fed says the longest a check can be held is ten days and this was an electronic payment... WTH? Anyway was told it was standard since it was a large payment. And the first several payments would be treated this way if I PIFd. What a way to get that 24% interest. I coulda made that payment working at McDs.

I figured right then uh uh, no way. Immediately sent the remaining 63.00 and requested closed by consumer online. Did I mention that in order to access my account online I had to know the website secret handshake? It would tell me they could not access my account then if I clicked one of the links at the bottom of the page without pressing the back button, I would see account related options on the side of the screen. Each time I would email these idiots about account access, they would send me an email telling me to log into my account to see the response... Duh!!!

Gimme a break GEMB.


Comment 1 by meya
Re; Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks Mine is going back to sender due to $150 cl. Thanks for your info, it made it even better.
Comment 2 by dee
Denield User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks The same song denied. you will receive letter in mail. I give up. no more applying.
Comment 3 by meya
****To All Approvals**** User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks I missed one day, came back, and everyone in here is posting approvals or good news. This puts a smile on my face for today. I was sort of stress out from all the homework I have this week, but my FG partners made me feel good just from hearing good news, epecially you Deborah and Dee, you guys posted shocking results... Lol. I should be free Friday but I am always poping in to make sure my FG Soldiers are doing ok and bringing the reviews to the table. You know how we do it... Lol. SPARTANS, (FG MEMBERS)whats our proffession? AARRROOOOUUUU! You would have to of seen 300 to understand that.
Comment 4 by jjennydean
Nice Card User Icon on 2007-09-20

Remarks 150$ limit but I, ll take it!
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go Adicus User Icon on 2007-10-08

Remarks Nice to hear. I am closing this card due to no use for me and the store is like a good 2 hours away from me. Keep in touch about your experience with the card.
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