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Written by: dgon on 2009-11-21

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dgon's review: Callout Comment I got approved for this card six months ago, and it has helped me build my credit to quite satisfactorily levels. I make my payments online and on time. Started with only $250 credit limit, and in two months went to $550, and it was raised again to $750.

That may not sound like much to many people, but, HEY: just think about the state of the economy. Every little bit of credit you can get today sure helps, especially with Christmas around the corner. With Fingerhut you will have the chance to buy gifts for the entire family, without sacrificing your hard earned cash, because monthly payments are very low.

Yes. Fingerhut's catalog feature products that you could probably get for a cheaper price somewhere else. But don't forget this: You want to build or reestablish your credit. Right? Then, Fingerhut can help you achieve your goal rather quickly.

Credit is supposed to be used wisely. If you get $1,000 in credit, that doesn't mean that you should go use it all at once, or else you'll be getting into debts that you won't be able to afford.


Comment 1 by jerica
Re: Fantastic Opportunity User Icon on 2009-11-21

Remarks Congratulations, on your continued cli's you have been recieving especially when cit bank is going through bk phase, I am surprised the bank is giving out any increases at all.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Fantastic Opportunity User Icon on 2009-11-23

Remarks Way to go! Thanks for the good info!
Comment 3 by cdtm2000
Re: Fantastic Opportunity User Icon on 2009-12-06

Remarks Is Fingerhut an easy card to get approved?
Comment 4 by ding
Fingerhut Question... User Icon on 2010-04-25

Remarks Fingerhut is a relatively easycredit builder card to get. Using it, & making a few payments then pay it off, once or twice a year, will give you CL increases. Don't fall for the use it or lose it CL increase though. Even if you don't use it, they let you keep it. Good Luck.
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