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Written by: kbs on 2009-11-14

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kbs's review: Callout Comment Hey everyone I know most of us are not keen on fees

However this card isn't that bad considering the way things are going on in Bankcard Land..69:00 Annual

Fee and Non Refundable 69:00 Set Up Fee... But

heck they gave me a 1000.00 Dollar Limit... Ill take it

Oh by the way don't use their Online bill pay they charge you...7:95 Use your own Online banking to pay them.


Comment 1 by mizu
Re: Instant Approval User Icon on 2009-11-14

Remarks I also have this card and they started me out with a $69 annual fee. It went up to $78 this past January and is going up to $99 this coming January. I have 100% perfect payment history with them yet they won't let me have the same AF as even a new customer. Pretty sad :( After 3 years of being a very loyal customer, I'll be closing this account very soon.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Instant Approval User Icon on 2009-11-15

Remarks That was a pretty nice limit, they only gave me $300 to start with (or $250 I believe), and I never had a problem with this card yet. They use to offer free cli's every 6 months, but now they stopped (with me), I call them and they charged me $25 for a $100 cli... Lolz! I was like whaaat!

When you get a chance, could you add your scores at the time you applied for the card so that it would benefit others who read your review. Thanks so much!
Comment 3 by kbs
Re: Instant Approval User Icon on 2009-11-15

Remarks @ the time I applied with CreditOne Scores are



Comment 4 by eugene66
Re: Instant Approval User Icon on 2009-11-20

Remarks Congrats on the approval. current cardholder have to decide whether to keep this card or not with their ridiculous Jan 2010 change in terms...100 annual fee(ouch) and no grace period for purchases makes this a card to be closed with those terms.
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