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Written by: kforbes86 on 2009-09-25

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kforbes86's review: Callout Comment I applied and was denied, not sure why. They didn't give me a reason. Scores in the middle 500's right now. there are others with lower scores than me being approved. It must be specific things in my report are the reason for denial. I would really like to have this account in my re-building process too.


Comment 1 by colonative
Better Off Without It User Icon on 2009-09-26

Remarks Fingerhut is overpriced and CIT (the owner of the card) is having some issues right now.

You are better off with a BofA, US Bank or Citibank secured credit card at this point.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Denied??? User Icon on 2009-09-27

Remarks Wow, this is new, thought I clicked the wrong link to comment... Lolz!

Well kforbes, all I can say is listen to that little ghost over your shoulder whispering... Sssstoooop... Leave the love button aloooooone! Lol!

Don't be disappointed, I agree with Colo, they are over priced, according to my sister, who has the same card and has (had) been dealing with them for about 2 years, claims that majority of the products are defective, and is detailed best by the book until it arrive to your house. She has sent so many items back to them until it is not funny.

I remember back in the days when my mom had this account, she ordered a VCR from them at $500 and it started eating up tapes less than a year from purchasing. I do like their bathroom settings and wall hangings but I would do much better by going to Ross. Keep your head up, and deal with the cards you currently have, sometimes, it is in our best interest for a denial because they are probably doing us a favor.
Comment 3 by kforbes86
Re: Denied??? User Icon on 2010-05-17

Remarks Finally did get approved for this card three months ago. Used it for one small purchase, and got my first credit limit increase at the end of three months. Been a good account so far. Only reports to two credit bureaus though.
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