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Written by: deborah on 2007-08-24

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deborah's review: Callout Comment I was approved for this card! I am so grateful for FG and the wonderful support I have found here! Thank you Meya for believing in me. Before I found this site I was not credit savvy at all... Respectful, but kind of in the dark. Now I have learned so much from the honest and thoughtful reviews. Also I received direction on which way to go and how to research for what fits my needs as they change, just as my FICO changes. Now I think I need to use my new found wisdom and slow down a bit. I'll be around a long time to continue learning from this site and it's supporters. I'll give updated reviews on my new cards and how they are working. I will also get ever so exited when things move along great for really great people!!! THANKS!

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Deborah User Icon on 2007-08-24

Remarks Congradualtions, you have my deepest "You're Welcome" and everyone else here feels the same. Yes we both need to slow down because I have inquiries up the "ying-yang" and I need to let them disolve... Lol. I am so proud of you with being able to start all over again but not with those rip-offs cards. Thanks for your time, voluntering to stick acround to help with us and to share advice to others (as they do come in day-by-day). We will be the 700 club one day soon, and I can never forget about Financial Globe due to the fact that they are the reason why I am running around here with too many credit cards... Lmao! Congrats again, I will always be around.
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