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Written by: cltoledo on 2009-07-14

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cltoledo's review: This card is ok. It comes with the Fingerhut catalog, that most of us have heard of. It just seems that you never pay it off. The payments are very low. I always double the payment and they are generous with cli.


Comment 1 by brian23
Congrats.... on 2009-07-14

What are your scores, CL and whats the APR of this card? I keep getting their catalog in the mail telling me that I am eligible for a 200 CL guaranteed. They seem to have really nice stuff in their catalog...
Comment 2 by patrick12
Not A Bad Card on 2009-07-14

I have had this card for about 3 months, used it once and paid in full! After about 3 months they raised my CL from $160.00 to $260.00, they report only to TransUnion and Equifax, infact they pull Equifax when they approve you for the card. I have noticed that they report timely to Equifax but TransUnion seems to be lacking the information, as an example, my Equifax shows a zero balance, TransUnion shows a balance even after being paid off for 2 months.
Comment 3 by meya
Hi Cltoledo on 2009-07-15

Thanks for the review! I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to add a little more information about your credit background so that others may be encouraged to apply for the card. Just go ahead and add it to the comments and I will copy and paste it back to your original review. Thanks!
Comment 4 by brian23
.... on 2009-07-24

I was looking for the same info Meya, guess he didn't read the other response here...
Comment 5 by wanderer
Fingerhut on 2009-07-25

Yeah... Basically a waste of time as a card. Catalog does have nice stuff. Receive periodic promos the last one was for a pre-approved $600.00 line of credit. Six months back it was for $400.00. Naw I need cards from the big boys so I can grow in the real world.
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