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Written by: jerica on 2009-03-26

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jerica's review: Callout Comment Recieved pre-qualified letter in the mail was hesistant as BK 99 and 2 baddies on cr applied online happily approved FICO EQ 685. Card converts to a Visa with good history


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-03-26

Remarks They are a great company so you will be happy with your card.

Do you mind sharing what your credit line is?
Comment 2 by jerica
Nordstrom User Icon on 2009-03-26

Remarks My credit limit $750.00 hard pull EQ only 7 point score drop was 685 now 678 hopefully no more decrease.
Comment 3 by colonative
Jerica User Icon on 2009-03-27

Remarks Sounds good and like you said, within about 6 months to a year you can request an upgrade to a Platinum Visa.
Comment 4 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2009-03-27

Remarks Congrats on your approval, keep us posted in the comments area with your overall usage of the card.

You have great scores to have a bk. I guess this shows that bk is not that bad when it is very old. Keep us posted when in the Network with your scores when the bk falls off. I am going to be excited to see how they jump... Lol.
Comment 5 by rockin35
High Profile User Icon on 2009-03-28

Remarks Nordstrom's credit cards a high profile. Congratulations!! Rockin35
Comment 6 by jerica
? Score Increase User Icon on 2009-03-30

Remarks Hi everyone, I will do a post once my BK falls off suppose to be TU in June and EQ, EX in July and believe me I cannot wait to see what happens long 10 years but wished I started the re-building process sooner
Comment 7 by meya
Re: Jerica User Icon on 2009-03-30

Remarks That will be so helpful! Hey, let me give you a link to follow when you want to update us on your bk and scores, your posting will really help members who have questions about cc's that are bk friendly, and to share your overall rebuilding process.

1. BK friendly and unfriendly cc's http://www.financeglobe.com/FN/showthread.php?538&highlight=friendly

2. Credit scores


Thanks and good luck!
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