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Written by: goodgirl on 2009-03-11

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goodgirl's review: Callout Comment I was approved with a TU score of 656. 2 inquires at the time of app. I have lots of baddies on my report. They are all 3+ years old. I am so happy I got this card. When I first applied for it I was flat out denied with a score of 609. But at the time I did not have any positive accounts showing. Now I have about 6-7 accounts never late. Whooo hoooo!! I hope they give me a decent limit.

How long did it take for you to receive your card?


Comment 1 by colonative
Congrats User Icon on 2009-03-11

Remarks On your new card. I get a kick out of women carrying this card.

A lot of members have reported that it takes longer then usual to get this card, usually 10-14 days.

Let us know if you got an annual fee.
Comment 2 by rockin35
Congratulations User Icon on 2009-03-11

Remarks You will like this card, the limits are pretty good.

Off the subject, Colonative, I'm curious to know why you get a kick out of women carrying this card? Just curious... Just curious.

Comment 3 by misskim26
Glad User Icon on 2009-03-11

Remarks Congrads on your approval I was just approved and my CL was 500 an annual fee of 32 dollars the card came in no time I say about 4 days after I was approved
Comment 4 by goodgirl
Update User Icon on 2009-03-12

Remarks I called 3/11 I was told I was approved. I called today 3/12 the CSR said that the card was mailed out on 3/11. Which I hope is the case because I go out of town next week and I want to whip that baby out at a restaurant just to see the look on their faces. I know I am going to be ROTFL.
Comment 5 by colonative
Rockin35 User Icon on 2009-03-12

Remarks I guess I get a kick out of it because when most people think of Hooters they think of the waitresses, how should I say this politcally, endowments. I dunno, just strikes a chord in me.

My drivers license says I am an adult but there is some doubts to that LOL.
Comment 6 by rockin35
Almost Forgot.......Autopay User Icon on 2009-03-12

Remarks I almost forgot to mention, I had a squabble with them about my autopay that failed or mysteriously disappeared or needed to be reset or something and got hit with a late fee, that they later removed. But I would also caution you on setting up autopay with them and making sure you don't have any problems like I encountered. Other than that, its still a good card, they also send you the Hooters Magazine every quarter. (Not useful to me) but to each his own I guess.

Also to Colonative... I was tickled pink when I read your response!!! :) Rockin35!
Comment 7 by wanderer
Hmm... Hooters User Icon on 2009-03-13

Remarks Rockin35 and ColoNative... Your walkin' some mighty fine fishing line...! But, you gotta love it. Think of the card and it's impact on those you give it to for payment. The memories...!

There is a Hooters on the fourth level of the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Fun to sit on the bench outside the establishment and just watch. Maybe I need a card??? When you get older it brings back memories... Some good and...? Oh, this was a card comment section!
Comment 8 by tia530
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-03-17

Remarks I too have a hooters card, 750$ limit, it took awhile to receive it, I actually forgot about it until one day it appeared in the mailbox, I was like... Oh, I did apply for this card!

Haven't been to Hooters with it yet though, I may go to Buffalo Wild Wings and use it there, lol.

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