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Written by: misskim26 on 2009-03-01

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misskim26's review: Callout Comment Hello FG,

Iam new to the website I went online to try to apply for the Target store card with a credit score of EQ 643 AND TU 660

I was sure I would get approved guess what!!! Big fat DENIED!!! Now the funny thing is my best friend applied right with me online she has judgment and collections that she owes to everybody and there ancestors (I LOVE HER TO DEATH!) and got approved for 250 dollars!! R U kidding me?? These people are so wishy washy I don't know what kind of review to give to this company


Comment 1 by colonative
Red Card User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Hi Miss Kim and welcome!

Target is odd when it comes to this account. Back in 1998 when Target was owed by the same company that owned Mervyn's (and their cards were all issued by the same bank: Retailers National Bank-now Target National Bank) they approved my sister for a Mervyn's but declined her for a Target Red Card. Go figure.

Your scores aren't bad at all. How many inquiries do you have? What is the age of your oldest trade line? Do you have any installment trade lines? (loans-car loan, student loan, mortgage). My sister had several inquiries back then and that was a factor in why they declined her application.

Honestly though, you are better off without this card. You could have been approved for $200 and likely would still have the same limit after a few years. If you are looking for a good retail card, I would suggest a Macy's card. Though not as low priced as Target, they have great sales and as a cardholder you get coupons that really do save some $$.
Comment 2 by misskim26
Thanks User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Thanks !

From what I read yea they are probley doing me a favor by denying me well I do have some inq that's because I was car shoppin I gotten a car loan but it hasnt posted to any of my 3 CR yet I know I have decents score but they keep coming up with these bogus reason to deny me I just don't think they like my name when they see it on a application... Lol
Comment 3 by meya
True User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks You could have never said it better Colo... Lol! Also, I would not worry about what the friend was approved for, because she will be running to you complaining about how she is stuck with the same limit that she has. If you want to get a dept store card, the best ones so far are; Macy's, JcPennys, Kay's Jewels, The Avenue or LaneBryant (Plus size store for women sized 14-32), Walmart, Ikea,... Etc. Just make sure you are applying at the store you shop at so that you can earn rewards, get better chances for cli's, and to lower chances of non activity.
Comment 4 by colonative
Inquiries User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks That is good to keep your sense of humor about it. It is just a card afterall.

As far as the inquiries, if they use Experian, the inquiries might already be there. Experain is lighting fast in reporting. But, typically, big ticket inquiries (car loan and mortgage shopping) are overlooked by most creditors and from what I can remember, as long as they are done within a 30 day window they don't effect your FICO.

Maybe they just thought you were too good for their card :-)
Comment 5 by misskim26
Lol User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Maybe so...:-)
Comment 6 by meya
Hummmmm! User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks That is another thing to think about Colo!
Comment 7 by cfmdev49
Target Is A Funny Company... User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks I had the red card with the 200 dollar limit for what seemed like forever... Then out of the blue... They upgraded me to the target Visa... No rhyme or reason... I was hardly using the red card as it was... Started out with a 3,000 dollar limit and then, out of the blue again... Raised to 5,000 dollars... I think for target it's like the roll of the dice... Things just seem to happen by chance with them... Go figure...
Comment 8 by meya
Cool User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks You are one of the lucky ones. To go from $200 Red-card and then a $3k-5k cli, I have to tilt my hat off to you and roll out the red carpet... Lol. How long was it when you was upgraded from the $300 to the first $3k, and then from the first $3k to 5k? If you can remember, I know it sometimes impossible!
Comment 9 by misskim26
Hey User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks TO Cfmdev49 It must be nice thanks for rubbing it in how good you got it!... Lol unlucky me that didn't get it for some stupid reason there going to come up with(can't wait to get the denial letter) ill try again
Comment 10 by cfmdev49
Re: Cool User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks Meya... I don't remember honestly... I think I had the 200 dollar limit for a couple of years... Didn't bother me because I didn't shop at target that much... And I still don't... I use the red card Visa at other places... It just happened... My scores range from 696 - 711... But that is now... Don't know what they were when I got the upgrade because I didn't follow this stuff near as much as I do now...
Comment 11 by colonative
Re: Target Is A Funny Company User Icon on 2009-03-02

Remarks How long ago was this? Many retailers, during the better times of the economy, did what is called "repurposing" where they would upgrade a cardholder who was not using their retail account to a co-branded one (Visa, MasterCard et. Al.).

Sears, Target, Nordstrom all did it.
Comment 12 by wanderer
Target Corp User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks As you may or may not know, Target is now financially challenged. They have been exploring the sale of their real estate (seperate from retail) and their credit card portfolio. They are hurting so huge credit lines aren't likely to happen.
Comment 13 by yoyo11
Go In The Store User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks I was decline three times and applied in the store. Got approved right away at the cashier counter.
Comment 14 by misskim26
Question User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks Yeah I have heard that if you go into the store and apply but my question is what makes it such a difference?
Comment 15 by meya
Because...... User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks You are better identified by providing ID to the cashier. Any little glimpse can go on online, and creditors take no chances. Some give you a delayed process by asking for more identification, 7-10 or 30 day hold, and some will flat out deny you. This is just my opinion, let's wait for others to come through.
Comment 16 by misskim26
Meya User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks True enough! I get that part of it, but what makes the big differnce still?? Your credit still going to look the same if you apply online or in store??
Comment 17 by meya
Well User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks There is no significant difference like you will receive a different kind of account from them, its that chances are better if you go into the store. Sometimes on-line accounts offer lower credit lines if you apply on line rather than going into the store. I have seen some people get lower credit lines from JcPenny's, Macy's, Kay's, Lowe's, etc... Rather than going into the store and applying. Also it takes them longer to get decent credit increases when they apply on-line to a store that is far away from their residential area.
Comment 18 by rockin35
Better Off Without It!! User Icon on 2009-03-12

Remarks Your better off without it anyways. I don't even use the Target Visa card that I have. Rockin35!
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