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Consider this your thread revival Meya. I found this because it was stickied, but I would have found it another way too. By seeing there were zero replies.
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Heeryeee, Heeeryeee! Oops, my judge wig just fell over my place now. Aheeem, Heeryeee, Heeeryeee!

Hello everyone! Is there anyone here that made a posting and want it to be brought back up to date? Well here is a way to do it. If you made the posting under the correct category (or fourm), go back and search for it. When you find it click just click "quote" in the right hand corner of your old posting, put the current date in the area where you type your response, and click sbumit. What this does is bring your entire thread back to the "Unread Post" for today. What ever you do, make sure you put the current date in there so that the doubles will be deleted in a few days.

There are some postings that may have went unaswered by mistake or unintentionally due to heave traffic postings and what that does is bury previous posting down low. But here is the good thing, it will always be here and there is always someone browsing the board and reading past posts. I know how it feels to want a question answered or wait for someone elses suggestion in regards to your post. Since everyone posting is valued, go ahead and bring up what you think should be answered by those who did not get a chance to hear your voice.

If you have a hard time finding what you put in, dont worry, just retype it in the correct place (Forum) and put "Repeat" in the first line. This will also give good practice for us to put our posting in the correct thread.

Thanks for reading! This meeting is now adjurned!!!

:fun: :fun: :laugh: :laugh:
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