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Some ideas: Utilities (electric, natural gas, telephone, cable etc); Airlines (SouthWest, Delta, American, United, Alaska to name but a few); Technology (Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, Vizio, Google, MicroSoft and so on); Financial (Bank of America, Citi Bank, US Bank, Capital One to name but a few); Automotive (Ford, GM, Toyota, various Trucks and others); Bonds; US Treasuries; Precious/Non Precious Metals of various types; Pharmacy/Drug & Medical Companies (Pfizer, CVS, Health Care providers); Retail (Amazon, Walmart, Costco and the like); Agricultural both the Manufacturers and Growers (people have to eat); Oil; and futures trading to name but a few. A few years back I purchased stocks specific to each one of these groups as well as things like balance strategies, mutual funds and Certificates of Deposits along with Money Market products. Did my own investing as I never had a professional make me any money after paying fees so I did research and took advantage of a number of tools and the use of an investment firms professionals that could provide specifics. Yes, it was a lot of work, needed to stay on top of happenings along with the year end and tax work. Did I make any money yes! Often I bought low and sold high. My biggest challenge was in not marrying the stock and remembering it was but part of a plan to make money. My mentions in this posting is not to recommend any thing I offered as part of my information but rather generate some thought. Many good companies exist and opportunities become available. "One needs to be ready to strike while the iron is hot".
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Does anyone have any concrete plans to invest in a particular asset group for 2018?
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