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Replied by Meya on topic Here it is,

Here it is,§ion=topic&top_id=100013&p=1 on page two, you did get good responses. Everytime someone posts, the thread goes down. This is what FG is working on as we speak. If you could just bear with the site, all of this will be fixed. I am not sure if you noticed this or not, but The Finance Network was just introduced in September 2007. FG is working very hard to accomodate your needs. I will bring the posting back up to date for you. In the meantime, just remember that you were taling about scores, so all you have to do is look to your left and

1. click "Forum"
2. click "Credit Histories and Credit scores" (the 5th fourm title)
3. click "Credit Scores" (1st thread)
4. Look on page 2

Trust me Jill, this may look difficult during your first time, once you become familiar with the 14 fourms, you will know where to add a response. Remember that you were talking about scores, so just go to the scores thread and you will find it. You can even click "quote" next to the persons posting that you want to respond to.

I will always have patience with you, I think it is very fun and good behavorl practice! :fun: :fun:
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Replied by jillg123 on topic Hi Meya I guess I will

Hi Meya

I guess I will get used to things here soon but I am still a little confused. For example earlier on you asked me to repost a thread where I asked what these credit scores mean and how they affect you. So I reposted it to the link you gave me. But now I have come back on and I can't find either my original post or where I reposted it! I wanted to see if there are any replies but now I can't find it. I looked around a lot before writing this as well. I will keep looking anyway. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Bye for Now
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Replied by Meya on topic Jill slow it down for

Jill slow it down for a minute. Do not think that you have done anything wrong, like I told you before, I truely understand that you are new and I will back you up where ever you post. You are correct, you are suppose to post what is on your mind and no one here is not stopping you, but if you noticed, "New Topic" means one thing and "Post Reply" means another. There are only 14 forums here, what ever you have to say, just try your best to match it under the forums. The subtitles listed under each forum are topics that any member can post or add a new topic. When someone post a question that relates to the subtitle or forum somewhere else, I go and search for duplicate subtitles and if there is one I just ask them to relocate it. I don't see a reason for duplicate "New Topics" to be loaded all across the board. This will discourage you and anyone else that are reading from the site.

I do not ask to relocate a posting to make someone feel bad or anything, I just ask it to keep the threads from going to far and loaded with duplicate topics, unrelated topics, questions that can just be a simple "Post Reply", and posting in the wrong forum. IE, if a forum lists "Dogs Wanted" and someone puts in "Antiques Wanted" I will just ask the poster to relocate this topic to the appropriate thread so that it can be answered much better. No one will look for "Antiques Wanted" under a "Dogs Wanted" forum. This is a better way to have your question answered.

I hope this helps, and I know you will catch on real quick. Again, don't worry about your postings going in the wrong area for right now becasue I know you are new, if I see it in the wrong place, I will just give you a link to the appropriate thread so you can get faster responses.
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Replied by jillg123 on topic Hi As a new member of


As a new member of this forum I find it a bit odd that the rules about subject matter going in the 'right' place and being seen as a nuisance if it is not exactly right are rather odd. I always thought that the purpose of a forum is for members to discuss what is on their minds within a broad category of interests in this case involving money. I already posted that I was new and a few other details and was told I should copy and paste to another section. Now I feel quite worried that I am doing things wrong.

Bye for Now
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Replied by Finance Globe on topic As Meya stated, there will

As Meya stated, there will be a new and improved board coming soon! Everything will be migrated over from this board, but will be more functional and user friendly, including the ability to watch topics, move posts (by moderators), a possible "email me when there is a reply", and much much more.
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Replied by Meya on topic Adicus, I can understand where

Adicus, I can understand where you are are comming from. This is why I keep bringing back up the posting rules. I know alot of members do go off topic in certain threads, this is why some of the postings get deleted. I had went through the entire site to take away some of the irrelevant information a couple of months ago, but they come right back. The main problem is that when newbies come in, it is sort of hard to constantly explain this issue.

I am going to wait until sometimes next month to go back over all postings and clean it back up (which takes a couple of days or longer). The main problem is the "New Topic" input, this is what makes it harder to find your posting because the thread is going longer with duplicate information. I try to stay on top of that as much as possible.

I do remember you asking about this before in another posting, and I know that FG is working on somethings in here regarding your response. Just hold on for a few buddie, your issue is going to be resolved sooner than you think. I understand where you are comming from 100%, it will make it easier for you to see who responded to your response.

Hope this helps some!
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was created by Adicus


Recently the forums have been consumed with random trivial information. I don’t want read nor filter across idiotic information that doesn't serve a “credit” purpose of this great site.

It's hard to find posts that I have placed in the forum so I can collaborate with fellow members when someone posts 9 random thoughts/opinions on the world today.

My intentions are not to offend anyone in any way; I just want to make sure we don’t stray away from this cause
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