Only 1 gas Credit card for almost 1 year and half of usage

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Credit Unions are the way to go for most things financial in nature. If you can secure a line of credit through one of your local CU's, I would do it.
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I use my credit union for a few services, and I love them. Very personal and understanding.
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I think that I would choose whatever card has the best perks available to me. I've never tried to get a Credit Union card before, but I have heard some really great things about them in regards to customer service.
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First off, congratulations on using your card responsibly. I would almost always go with a local bank card. They are more personal and if you run into issues, they are local.
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was created by milko

I've been using just 1 Gas Credit card in VA regurlarly, utilizing 30% of my available credit and I have never missed any payments.

This gas cc is the only one that I have applied as a revolving credit, order than that, I havent applied for any. After a year of usage, they increase CL from $500 to $1000 and after requesting to get a lower APR they did it from 18.99% to 13.99%, now it's been a year and 6 month since I use this cc responsibly ...:thumbsup:

Now I Am in the dillema of deciding which 2nd CC should I apply for... Would it be convenient to apply either for a CU credit card (current bank with savings account) or a AE Blue sky credit card (offer recieved by mail from them)??.or which card is garanteed for me??

Thanks in advance
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