Inquiries: FICO vs. FAKO

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Goodness, do you know I was on hold with these people for 22 minutes? I just decided to hang up because it is now 5:45pm (pst) and they close at 6pm, what a way to say hold on till closing time. When I needed to get verified, they answered in 15 seconds.
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I am not sure bro, I was calling to find out because it doesn't seem to mention it on their site. I hope they don't think I will purchase it just for a snap-shot per year. I will get a hold of them tomorrow for you. Until then here is the number if you want to call by yourself. 800-319-4433
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Meya, how often does the MyFICO complete give you your scores?
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After hearing Hjm331 and Porgy speaking about Fako's and Fico's I decided to pull my true fico score from and to my surprise my Eq score is 643. Porgy said that Eq is usually the lowest score, so I am anxious to see what my other two are from them. Oldhemp pulled his also, but I will let him have a chance to come in and speak his true fico score. We both agreed to assassinate as of today. I am going to wait until I make my last pull from mycreditkeeper on the 9th since I already paid for it. As for true credit, they billed me two days ago so I will just keep on using them until my 26 days are over.

After speaking with the myfico rep, I have decided to use the "Myfico Complete" to receive all three scores and let them monitor my report. I hope that this will open up other members to reality of paying all this money to credit agencies that do not give us what we are looking for which is true FICO scores. Give it a try, you might just be surprised.
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Two thumbs up! You are correct because I use two different credit monitoring services which are True Credit and My Credit Keeper. My scores from True Credit are nearly 20-30 points lower than Credit Keeper.
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Replied by Finance Globe on topic Hello Paula. Thanks for posting

Hello Paula. Thanks for posting the good info, this is something that will help the board.

As far as links go, the policy was changed shortly after releasing this network. Feel free to add any official news or info related site on the board. Some good examples are sites like Wikipedia, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, CNN Money, Bloomberg, Reuters, most .gov, and .edu sites... These places aren't full of spam and ads, and that's what I like.

These are just examples, but they must contain authority. I just don't want a bunch of SPAM on the board, but if the content is not a marketing scheme and helps the user, I am all for links.

Additionally, if anyone has a link that does not fall into this category, you can add it to the resources link on the left menu for editorial review. If approved, anyone can link to the resource, such as Prosper .
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I found this information out on the world wide web, I won't list the address for fear of this being removed. I think it's really good information and something that I wasn't even aware of.

First, some terminology. FICO is your legitimate credit score delivered from Fair Issac. Most credit companies use this score to determine whether to give you credit or not. FAKO is slang term used to describe a “score” that individual credit reporting agencies give you. FAKO’s are from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax websites. They are hardly ever used by the credit industry and a FAKO score is more often than not way off from your actual FICO score. That is why people call them FAKO scores… they are fake.

Now for the tip of the day: FICO and FAKO scores use inquiries on your reports differently to determine their scores. FICO uses inquiries in the past year, FAKO’s usually use the past two years. So don’t worry too much about those one year or older inquiries, they won’t matter at all for nearly all banks. Just let them fall off and concentrate on keeping those less than one year old inquiries off.

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